Our Club was incorporated under the Incorporated Societies Act 1908 on 19 January 1932. Our registered name at that time was New Plymouth Swimming and Old Boys' Surf Club Inc. as the result of an amalgamation between New Plymouth Amateur Swimming Club and New Plymouth Boys High School Old Boys' Surf Club. Until the Post World War II era, the club was an all-male domain, with no female members.

Club patrols commenced at Ngamotu Beach in 1921 and following the 1932 amalgamation, and registration, NPOB established a small clubhouse/headquarters to the east of Nobs Line and in close proximity to East End Surf Club.

The area between East End and Fitzroy Beaches was patrolled until 1947 when following the demise of the Oakura Surf Club, through lack of members, our Club was asked to consider transferring our club patrols to Oakura Beach.

The Club agreed; and during the winter of 1947, members cut the clubhouse into four pieces, put it on the back of a truck and re-erected it at Oakura Beach, on the grassed area immediately in front of our existing gear shed and opposite our existing clubhouse.

Our existing clubhouse was completed in 1966 at a cost of £7,253 ($14,506) and was designed by the Club Captain of that time - Terry Boon, architect.

Family cars were few and far between, and transport to and from patrol was largely via hitchhiking or by bike! The road along the beachfront was not tar sealed until sometime later.

Despite the clubhouse being very Spartan and basic, a bunkroom was added to overcome transport problems and club members arrived at the beach on a Friday evening and returned to New Plymouth late on Sunday afternoon.  It soon became a focal point for many activities including the Oakura Beach Races and later the New Year's Day fundraising Carnival.

Despite the challenges and because of the quality beach patrols offered - Oakura Beach soon became Taranaki's most popular swimming beach.

That name was changed (circa 1985) to New Plymouth Old Boy's Swimming and Surf Club Inc., because that was the name the public and the media used most commonly.

The History of NPOB is more than the pool and the beach - it's:

The Ladies Committee Barbecue Tent Crew
New Years Day Work Gang Gear and Clubhouse Maintenance Team
Rund Raising Committee Pool Committee
"Home Guard" Patrol Junior Surf: The Lifeguards of Tomorrow!

Life Members:

M R Barrett W J Bennett
P J Flannagan* V Garth*
V Garrett Mrs F M Gayton*
D L Lean J Lean
G N Lightfoot* W McIndoe*
J M Nodder* I S Russell*
R Scott W M Smale*
R F Titcombe* Dr G E Walker*
G White A Beck
C H Wood* M J Wood
R J Wood K J Wood
D Gayton* L Gayton*
A M Barrett (Noot) R H Gayton
Hon. Member for Life A. Beck, J. Hickey, D Mills*