Carnivals are a great opportunity to participate in both a fun and competitive environment, meet other nippers from other clubs, and see other beaches. While it can be competitive at times, the emphasis is always on safety, sportsmanship, personal development and enjoyment.

During the season each club in Taranaki hosts a carnival. When it is our turn we will need all hands on deck to make sure it runs as smoothly as possible.

During a carnival your child will compete against other surf clubs in their age groups. Children need to stay with their team leader during the duration of the carnival as they will ensure they reach the correct events. Any parent help is encouraged as children need help with sunblock, water, towels, goggles etc. Please make sure your child knows where to go, who their team leader is and how important it is to follow instructions.

Please see our events calendar for further information.

Jnr Carnival