welcome to the junior surf section

NPOB Surf Club aims to encourage children to achieve, do their best and develop to their full potential, whilst learning new skills and having fun. We encourage participation in all activities.

Our junior surf programme is a great opportunity for families to become involved in surf lifesaving. More importantly however, it teaches children how to keep themselves and their friends' safe at the beach.  Eventually this can give them the potential to be a role model for the community and (if they wish) a patrolling member of our club.

Our junior surf programme enables kids to learn about being surf smart and gives them a chance to pursue a sport which covers land and water activities.  We teach them what they need to know about being a young lifesaver but also focus our efforts on being a team player and improving self-confidence.

Our aims:

  • To encourage children to participate in and enjoy water and surf lifesaving activities
  • Assist children to develop and improve their water and surflifesaving skils and knowledge.
  • Improve the self-image of children by developing their self confidence and social interaction skills
  • Involve parents and members of the community as leaders, coaches, administrators and supporters.

Our children are separated into groups based on their age:

  • Nip nips are U7s on the 1st October
  • Nippers are 7, 8 and 9 year olds on the 1st October
  • Rookies are 10 and 11 year olds on the 1st October
  • Cadets are 12 and 13 year olds on the 1st October

For further information Click Here for a personal handbook with everything you should need to know.