welcome to the surf sport section

Surf Sports offer members the chance to enjoy the fun and excitement of pitting themselves against each other, while at the same time; it is a training ground for the physical and psychological demands of saving lives in the surf.

Surf lifesaving clubs regularly hold surf carnivals, where clubs compete with each other in a range of beach and rescue oriented events including combined swimming, sand running, tube rescue, ironman, canoe, surf ski, surf boat races and racing inflatable rescue boats (IRB). 

The youth arm of the clubs is known as Juniors and holds similar events. Events span the range of rescue skills and test competitors' strength, fitness and agility.

The Surf Sport competition season kicks off each year with local club carnivals in November/December/January then moving onto the National Championships in February/March.

New Plymouth Old Boys Surf clubs have a wide range of equipment related to surf sports, which is available for all club members to use. With top level coaching there is an opportunity for members to learn and compete with New Zealand's best athletes.